About Us

About Us

Discount Capital was established in 1992 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Discount Bank, and serves as the Discount Group’s investments & investment banking arm.

In Investments, Discount Capital manages a portfolio estimated at NIS 2.9 billion, actively investing directly in companies and business ventures as well as in investment funds. Since 2017, Discount Capital has also been operating in mezzanine investments.

Discount Capital serves dozens of Investment Banking clients every year, and is involved in the most notable transactions within the Israeli capital market. Discount Capital provides three types of services: Debt and Equity Underwriting, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Corporate Finance Advisory.

Discount Capital’s unique structure sets it apart from other players in the Israeli capital market, encompassing in-house investment activities alongside investment banking services, all empowered by the Discount Group’s platform.

Empowered by the strong foundations of the Discount Group

The Discount Group

The Discount Group was originally founded as Discount Bank in 1935 by prominent businessman and philanthropist Leon Recanati, aiming to offer traditional banking services to companies and private clients in pre-state Israel.

Since then, Discount Bank has evolved into a group of companies operating in various financial fields that provide a broad range of financial products, including credit cards through Cal, investments and investment banking through Discount Capital, money management through Tafnit Discount, and trust
management through Discount Trust. Today, the Discount Group serves its clients via a nationwide network of 100 Discount Bank branches, as well as 70 branches of its subsidiary, Mercantile Bank.

Outside Israel, Discount Bank is active in business and private banking, primarily through its New York-based subsidiary, Israel Discount Bank of New York (IDBNY).

The Discount Group has been publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) since 1963 and is included in the TA-35 Index. Discount Bank is the third largest bank in Israel, with total assets of more than NIS 300 billion.